Start-Up Companies: Choosing a Business Entity

So you’ve decided to start a business, but you have no idea what kind of entity you should form.  You’ve heard about the different kinds...  I mean you could be a sole proprietor, or you could have a partnership, or a limited liability company, or a corporation, etc.  You clearly have options.  But … what … Continue reading Start-Up Companies: Choosing a Business Entity

TTAB: Booty Calls and the Call of Duty

Everyone is familiar with the very famous video game series, Call of Duty ®, and its many sub-series and spin-off games.  It’s latest release being, Call of Duty: WWII ® on November 3, 2017. Well, back in July, a Ms. Julie Sawicki, filed a trademark application for the mark CALL OF BOOTY for women’s clothing, … Continue reading TTAB: Booty Calls and the Call of Duty

TTAB: Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit vs. “FRODOH”

Last week, The Saul Zaentz Company (also known as the media giant behind The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit films) filed opposition papers against Frodoh, LLC, a College Park, MD company specializing in frozen donut holes and other desserts, according to their LinkedIn page.  Frodo, LLC is attempting to register “FRODOH” with the … Continue reading TTAB: Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit vs. “FRODOH”

Why Trademarking is So Important for the Start Up Company

Starting a company can be both exciting and stressful.  However, the perks of owning a successful, well-known and established company can for outweigh any stress you would have undergone during the start-up phase. Part of the recipe for a successful company is building a powerful brand name.  A brand name is what identifies a product … Continue reading Why Trademarking is So Important for the Start Up Company


The Law Office of Christina Simpson is headed by the sole practitioner, Christina Simpson.  She focuses on procuring, maintaining, and protecting her clients’ intellectual property, including trademarks.  She dedicates herself to the protection of her client’s intellectual property rights and works endlessly to draft and negotiate intellectual property transfers, licenses, and development agreements for her clients in the entertainment areas.  Additionally, Ms. Simpson is passionate about representing clients in business law related areas.  This includes start-up companies looking to form their business as an LLC, corporation, partnership, etc. and to also brand themselves.  Furthermore, Ms. Simpson prides herself in her ability to fight for her client's contractual rights, as part of her firm focuses on contract review, negotiating, and drafting.